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Kah Huat was established in 1972 with more than 30 years of retail
experience and more than 25 years in
manufacturing of school and factory uniforms.

About Us

Our specialization are uniforms, however we also carry a range of products such as:
* School, Industrial and Corporate Uniforms.    * Socks & Caps
* T-shirts, Shorts & Track Pants                            * Schools Ties/ Sash
* Name Tags & Embroidery

We have our own production plant (locally), which produces up to 60% of the local demands, and our own storage amounting approximately 2,500 sq. ft. Replenishments could be better controlled since most of our products are manufactured locally. Some items are manufactured by our counterparts in neighboring countries like Batam (Indonesia) and Malaysia.

Employment For Our People

Kah Huat Dress Maker employs 10 full-time workers and approximately 40 housewife-seamstress to produce most of our stocks. While labour costs may be higher locally, we are proud to be able to contribute to society and provide continuous employment to our staff.

With a local production team, we can offer better quality control and production to maintain our credibility and customer confidence.

Customised Services and Quality Workmanship

Our tailors and seamstresses have more than 20 years experience; and uniforms are tailored to ensure excellent comfort and fit. Our products are mass-produced, but special sizes are also catered for individually with dedication.

We also have a range of fabrics and colours for your selection. We believe that a quality product has to be durable, even when subjected to frequent washings, and wear and tear.

Uniform Sponsorship

We continue to help needy students by offering complimentary or discounted school uniforms to them. The school will also receive complimentary uniforms for "emergency cases".


Contact Information
Telephone :  6479 6811
FAX : 6474 4037
Address: Blk 115A, Commonwealth Drive,
#04-15/16, Singapore 149596  


Webmaster: khdm@pacific.net.sg